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What is all the hype about sustainability?

Sustainable living, agriculture, food and product choices are more than just buzz words. They are more than just trends or fads. Living sustainably preserves our ecosystems, resources, crops, and ways of life for many generations down the road. With more awareness on the destruction to these integral parts of our society, more folks are living sustainably by making food choices from local, humane, and heirloom farmers, by recycling and composting, by choosing natural products instead of those laden with chemicals, and by respecting their natural surroundings. In the process, those folks are also realizing the positive impact on their health and the health of their families from living this way.

Why would I want to homestead?

Homesteading is practicing self-sufficiency. Let’s face it, aside from the health benefits of homegrown food and body products, our economy is volitile these days. Homesteading can help assure your family that if “all hell breaks loose” tomorrow, you have the skills needed to make it on your own. Homesteading also helps reconnect us with the land that unfortunately, in recent years, we seem to have abandoned in favor of Wal-Mart aisles and delivery pizza.


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