Are You Microwaving Your Baby?

Good. I have your attention. Would you purposely sit your baby or toddler in front of the microwave for 8 hours straight? What about 24 hours straight? The answer is probably an overwhelming “Of course not!” Why? Because we know that there is a risk associated with the microwave radiation coming from our microwaves. If you’re like me, you attempt to use it as little as possible, and when you do use it, you stand away from it. But is that enough to keep your family safe?

If you are one of the many parents concerned about radiation exposure, chances are the answer is no. A typical microwave emits about 2450 MHz or 2.45 GHz of radiation. Now, let’s take a look at the average household. There is a good possibility that at least two cell phones are constantly in the house, and constantly turned on. Each cell phone runs on a frequency of between 700-2100 MHz. Most of us have WiFi – which is also usually always turned on. An average WiFi system can run on a frequency of anywhere from 300 MHz up to 300 GHz. These two sources of radiation probably come as no surprise to you.

One that may come as a surprise is your baby monitor. My little bundle got one of the best baby monitors I could find. It was a digital sound monitor. It gave the room temperature of his nursery and everything! After looking into it one day, I realized that this digital monitor utilized a frequency of 2.4 GHz. This is a standard amount for digital baby monitors. Not to mention, that you probably place the baby monitor (like I did) right next to the little one so you can hear every sound he/she makes. This brings the radiation ever closer to baby’s brain.

So let’s add all of this up:

2 Cell phones (24 hours per day): 1.4 GHz (average)

1 WiFi system (24 hours per day): 150 GHz (average)

Baby monitor (8 hours per day): 2.4 GHz

This amount of radiation adds up to an average of over 62 times the amount of radiation emitted from your microwave! Even subtracting the most dangerous element – the WiFi –you’re still at least doubling the amount of radiation coming from your microwave. This is obviously a worst case scenario – provided you have all of your dangerous devices close to you in the same room. One reader pointed out that the distance you are from these devices has a very large impact on exactly how dangerous they are and that is absolutely true.

However, these numbers are no doubt as troubling to you as they were to me. In this technology age, what is a parent to do? Get rid of internet and cell phones? Likely not (though that would be ideal). Here are some changes you can make TODAY to reduce the amount of radiation your baby is being exposed to:

1. TURN OFF your WiFi when you’re not using it. Ours takes less than a minute to come back on. This is a very, very minor inconvenience.

2. Turn off your cell phones when you’re able – or at least when you sleep. Or turn off even one cell phone when you sleep. Do not sleep with your cell phone beside your head.

3. Get a landline. I know. Stone age, right? However, a regular cordless phone emits an average of 900 MHz – significantly less than your cell phone.

4. Get rid of that digital cadillac-esque baby monitor and exchange it for an analog monitor. Our analog monitor runs on 49 MHz. Yes, there is a little bit more interference if you don’t set it up in the right spot. However, that trade off was certainly worth it for me. Move the baby monitor away from baby’s head.

We don’t conclusively know exactly how radiation affects the body, but it has certainly been linked to tumor growth in animals. Chances are that it’s leading to tumor growth in humans too – as of course, we are part of the animal world. Don’t take that chance with your baby or the rest of your family. Cut back on radiation today.


One thought on “Are You Microwaving Your Baby?

  1. Suzanne April 7, 2013 at 6:31 am Reply

    This echos the session my two little ones had with the Naturopath today.

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